How To: abuse that front-wheel drive rental car

abuse that front-wheel drive rental car

Come on. Admit it. The Geico anti-Christ emerges the second you slip into that unsuspecting, plain vanilla, rental car.

What? Nuh-uhhh. I know I am not the only one.

This praeternaturally cheerful British stunt expert has a contagious glee as he tortures this Ford front wheel drive Puma. The Scandavian flick and the 90 degree turn are my favorites.

If step by step instruction is not the 7 minute 16 second mark, this instructional puts it all together in a willfully gratuitous exhibition of reckless maneuvers.

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now i wish i had manual transmission!

endlessly entertaining.

the best thing to do is get you kids in the car then say wana go to mcdonalds and drive like this :) (make sure to have the video camera running while doing this.)

Now if this could only be pulled off in an automatic

great stunts to practice they will come in handy some day.

This #$%@ only works if you got a decent size engine, i'd like to see most automatic fwd cars try to spin tires.

Really nice tricks,I'm hoping anyone doing these have properly functioning handbrake cables,and sturdy gearboxs and linkages,because if you don't you will find out real soon.

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