News: Man Aims to Set World Record With 100MPH Lawnmower

Man Aims to Set World Record With 100MPH Lawnmower

I thought lawnmower racing was purely a redneck sport, but apparently not. With the world record speed currently at 80 mph, the UK's Project Runningblade aims to squash it at 100 mph.

Man Aims to Set World Record With 100MPH Lawnmower"Project Runningblade, launched at the UK's Beaulieu National Motor Museum this week aims to raise the world record to more than 100mph using a highly-modified Countax-based machine. At that clip, it could cut an entire soccer pitch in 2 minutes and 42 seconds not to mention setting world records for both speed and eccentricity.

The project is headed by Stephen Vokins, who has worked at Beaulieu for 27 years, and has something of an appetite for the eccentric. 'I saw a video of American, Bob Cleveland on YouTube setting the record for lawnmowers at an impressive 80.792mph on Bonneville Salt Flats,' he said, 'and I was greatly impressed, but felt with the right team, 100mph should be possible.'"

Introducing Bob Cleveland, current world record holder. Good luck, Vokins.

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