How To: Lift Racing Car on a Tow

Lift Racing Car on a Tow

Unlike the normal cars, the racing cars are more powerful, more maneuverable and less error forgiving. That's why you always have to move them from one track to another with a tow, and not on their own. In this tutorial, I will show you how to lift a racing car on a tow.

Step 1: Place the Tow in Front of the Racing Car.

It sounds easy, but on limited space race tracks it is not that easy at all. Make sure that the distance between them is safe and both vehicles are properly stopped with handbrakes on. If the tow is not properly fixed, it can cause disasters.

Step 2: Find a Guy with Loud Voice to Give You Directions.

This is very important steps. Racing cars usually have very loud exhaust engine sounds. If you find a guy with quiet voice, you will not be able to hear him when he says Noooooooooooooooo, not in the cabin of the tow truck.

Step 3: Drive Carefully Just Straight and Don't Turn the Wheel.

Here comes the importance of step 1. If you properly placed the tow in front of the racing car, you just drive straight and listen to the guy with the loud voice, telling you go, go, go, STOP, STOP.

Step 4: Put Handbrake on, Check if Everything Is Properly Seating in the Car.

Handbrake is very important for tow cars. If you don't put it, it can cause disasters on the highway when dropping the car with over 100 km/h on a populated with other cars place.

Step 5: Get Out of the Racing Car and Jump from the Tow.

If you placed the car correctly on the tow, you will get out easily and just jump around your racing car, enjoying it from outside, ready to conquer the next track.

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